It's no wonder that I love reading autobiographies; I'm obsessed with exploring the human psyche (I even have a Masters in Criminology) and I love getting lost in another person and temporarily escaping from myself.

For me, acting is telling another person's Truth. I strive to be a portal between the personal and the universal, to cause insight, inspiration, laughter, solidarity and pathos through integrity, virtuosity and fun in my story-telling.

I have been lucky enough to play a truly diverse range of roles on stage and screen, including starring as London-born lawyer “Michelle” in the psychological survival thriller 54 Days; American psychiatrist and femme-fatale “Sam” in the Woody Allen-style indie feature Birthday Adjustment Disorder; womanizing “Charlie” trapped in a woman's body to teach him a lesson in Goodbye Charlie; the celestial fantasy of a dying gay man “The Angel” in Angels in America; “Mary, Queen of Scots” vying with Elizabeth I for her kingdom in Maria Stuart; “Helga, the baby” in Off-Broadway's Cabaret; French backpacker “Lauren” in the inspired European Arthouse Le Matinal, “Sonia” in the romantic-comedy Unspoiled by Feminism, and Italian firecracker “Sofia” in the classic romance Tendenza ad Amar. See my full film and stage résumés.

A dual citizen of the U.S. and Australia, I graduated from AMDA in New York City and lived through the World Trade Centre attacks on September 11th, 2001. I continually upskill techniques and experiences for my toolbox, along with many talents I use in service of my portayals, including accents, foreign languages, singing, dancing, choreographing, fencing, writing, casting, social work, legal work, counseling, being a mum and much more.

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