“Michela Carattini as Lady Macbeth gave [a] great performance...her mad scene brought tears to my eyes.”
— Sydney Arts Guide, 2017
“Simply sublime...and [her] timing is just perfect”
— Sydney Arts Guide, 2013
“Carattini plays the role incredibly well, showing the inner turmoil … she makes it believable to the viewer.”
— UK Film Critic, Gemma Lawrenson, 2014
“Her approach is detailed and ranges from the highly sexual narcissist to the vulnerable, honest girl”
— Theatre Australia, 2013
“Carattini is completely believable as the cheating wife who has grown to hate her husband”
— US Film Critic, Mike Smith, 2014
“Faultless, and the whole performance mastered with such elegance and a touch of humour”
— Weekend Notes, 2014
“Carattini's sanity teetered on the edge, seen clearly through [her] ability to switch from one emotional extreme to the other.”
— UK Film Critic, Kieren Croft, 2014
“A docile, caged creature… but can be poisonous and uncoil like a serpent when she gets the chance… beautifully performed.”
— W. Lewis Theatreblog, 2014
“Her commitment to the embodiment of the character showcases her great comedic timing and physical dedication”
— Theatre Australia, 2013
“[Michela’s] physical presence commands the stage.”
— W. Lewis Theatreblog, 2013
“Michela is professional, patient, passionate, wonderful to work with, and very quick to adapt to direction… I always felt she was one step ahead.”
— Marcus Graham, film director, 2014
“Clearly a seasoned professional”
—Damian Ryan, Artistic Director, Sport For Jove