Michela interviewed on
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Michela interviewed on
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Remote Access

Interview with Michela Carattini in Cinema Femme magazine, April 2019
Interrogation scene from Remote Access
“Wonderfully dark… [The] thought-provoking dramatic ending, unexpected and very complicated, should make Remote Access a film festival favourite.”
Sydney Arts Guide, 2019 (pdf)
Sydney Arts Guide review of Remote Access

UTS Women in Film Segment

Behind the Scenes 1

Behind the Scenes 2

Behind the Scenes 3


“Michela Carattini as Lady Macbeth … brought tears to my eyes.”
Sydney Arts Guide, 2017 (pdf)
Sydney Arts Guide review of Macbeth

Unspoiled by Feminism

Seoul Brotha Interview 2017
kahlidelijahtapia.com, 2017 (pdf)

Winner Outstanding Performance 2016

Article Idyllwild 2016
specialsnotonthemenu.com, 2016

Tendenza Ad Amar (Tendency Of Love)

54 Days

“I spoke with actor Michela Carattini, recently nominated as Best Actress in a feature film for the science fiction thriller ‘54 Days’, to find out how she brought herself into and out of particular emotional states during filming…”
Laugh and Live Well, 2015
Juggling Act
The Equity Magazine, Autumn 2015
Diari d’Andorra - Amb ‘première’ australiana
Diari d’Andorra (national newspaper of Andorra), 2014 (pdf)
“I had the recent pleasure of an interview with Sydney-based actress Michela Carattini. She is fresh from a starring role in the film ‘54 Days’… There is much more to this talented actress.”
Mediasearch Film Spotlight Q&A, 2014
“Australian-American actress MICHELA CARATTINI delivers an explosive performance starring in the new apocalyptic sci-fi indie feature film, 54 DAYS…”
Screen ArtsHub, 2014
“Carattini plays the role incredibly well, showing the inner turmoil of a pregnant woman who believes she is about to die and as she deteriorates even more with time, she makes it believable to the viewer.”
UK Film Critic ‘Watch and Learn’, 2014
“Most notably Dirk, played by Gregory J Wilken, and Michelle, played by Michela Carattini. Both of whom gave very emotional performances throughout the film. It was very clear through these two characters especially, that the groups sanity teetered on the edge, seen clearly through their ability to switch from one emotional extreme to the other.”
UK Film Critic ‘Shooting Script’, 2014
“Carattini is completely believable as the cheating wife who has grown to hate her husband”
The Liberty Voice, 2014
“Although at times the dialogue can be somewhat cliché, the cast make up for any deficiencies through their superb performances. Which considering they're all stuck on the cinematic equivalent of a bare stage is quite a feat in itself. This isn't to critique the bunker though, which is so beautifully designed it's almost a character in its own right. But, to drive home the fact that this is a story about people and not a what-if political satire.”
Acting Australia, 2014
Inner West Courier - 54 Days Article
Inner West Courier, 2014 (pdf)
Manly Daily - 54 Days Article
Manly Daily, 2014 (pdf)

The Matilda Waltz

Matilda Waltz - Poster
Matilda Waltz - Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph, 2015

Maria Stuart

Starring as “Mary, Queen of Scots” in

The Unexpected Execution

a new translation of Schiller’s Maria Stuart
at Factory Space Theatre Company


“Carattini portrays with strong emotion a woman who has carried out evil deeds in the name of love and power”
— Sydney Arts Guide, 2014
“Faultless, and the whole performance mastered with such elegance and a touch of humour”
— Weekend Notes, 2014
“A docile, caged creature… but can be poisonous and uncoil like a serpent when she gets the chance… beautifully performed.”
— W. Lewis Theatreblog, 2014

Goodbye Charlie

Goodbye Charlie
“Michela Carattini (‘Pride and Prejudice’) as Charlie Sorel and Vincent Andriano (‘Julius Caesar’) as George Tracy are simply sublime, have great chemistry, and their timing is just perfect … Highly recommended”
Lynne Belvedere, Sydney Arts Guide, 2013
“It is clear that actress Michela Carattini (Charlie Sorel) has hit her stride with the comedy genre. Her commitment to the embodiment of character showcases her great comedic timing and physical dedication to the role. Her approach to the playboy Charlie Sorel is detailed and ranges from the highly sexual narcissist to the vulnerable, honest girl.”
Rhianne Ev, Theatre Australia, 2013

Angels In America

“Michela Carattini gives an original and entertaining portrayal of the Angel…” (Columbia Spectator, 2004)
Pared-Down Angels Glows
Angels - Columbia Spectator


“All 10 of the performers are colourfully portrayed, agile with a freshly modern take. There is absolutely not a moment of boredom.”
Nibelungen Kurier, 1997
Godspell - Nibelungen_Kurier

Street Scene

“[A] brushstroke of sparkle… she performs with swaggering aplomb and zest.”
Stars and Stripes, 1994
Street Scene - Stars and Stripes - 1
Street Scene - Stars and Stripes - 2