Michela Carattini is a filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia.

A dual citizen of the United States and Australia, she graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (major) and Creative Writing (minor), and from the University of Sydney with a Master of Criminology (with distinction).

A long-time performer of stage and screen, she believes in the power of story to influence thinking and change, and is driven to leave the world more compassionate and intelligent than she finds it.

For the NSW Attorney General's Office, she wrote and directed the short documentary When Home is Where the Hurt is (2009), highlighting the diversity of domestic violence survivors in NSW, Australia, and the answer to the question “Why don't they just leave?”. After returning home from acting in a film in Milan, Italy and discovering she was pregnant with her second child, she wrote and produced the short romantic-comedy, Unspoiled by Feminism (2016), based on research she conducted on Eastern European dating services while living and working in Prague, Czech Republic in 2006. Although shot with no budget in only half a day, Unspoiled by Feminism went on to receive an impressive number of nominations and wins on the international festival circuit, including winning Best Film at No Small Stories Film Festival in Sydney, and Best Foreign Film and at Idyllwild International Festival in Los Angeles. With the wonderful Leanne Mangan, she co-wrote and co-produced the short cyber-harassment thriller Remote Access (2019). It world-premiered in New York City, where it won Best Film at the Girl Power Film & Media Summit, and continues an exciting festival run.

She wrote and produced the quick and dirty Facebook comedy webseries Americans in Oz (2018) — also available on YouTube — whose 17 episodes have already racked up over 3K views each, and over 300 captured subscribers to the series page. She is currently working on the related feature buddy-comedy Carmen & Bolude, co-written with the inspiring Bolude Watson, and loosely based on Bolude's life story.

Her upcoming writing projects include Biography, a feature drama based on Deborah Mulhall's award-winning play, Cry Wolf, and Women of the Revolution, a US TV miniseries produced by DeepWater Productions and Women of the American Revolution Association.

Michela's production company, Charcol Pictures, is named after and dedicated to her parents, Charlie and Carolyn (“Col”).

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