Michela Carattini is a Sydney-based Intimacy Coordinator for film, television and theatre, currently training under the mentorship of Alicia Rodis of Intimacy Directors International (US) and Ita O’Brien of Intimacy On Set (UK).


Intimacy Coordinators work with scenes of sexual content, nudity and familial intimacy. Michela's services include consulting, script assessment, scene sculpting, scene choreography, rehearsal and on-set support, strategies and support for emotional safety, crisis counselling, mental health first-aid, post-production debrief and referrals, reports, advocacy and education. Intimacy Coordinators support the actors' physical and emotional safety – but also the director's vision and story-telling, facilitating more nuanced, interesting and authentic intimate moments.

Professional Background

Michela is a qualified and experienced mental health professional, holding a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology from Columbia University in New York (2005), and a Masters of Criminology from Sydney University Law School (2008). Michela has over seven years' experience as a caseworker and crisis-counsellor, specializing in the area of “Violence Against Women” (which also includes men, spectrum genders, and children). Michela has worked with the UN, International Anti-Trafficking NGOs, the Australian and US Red Crosses, Redfern and MacArthur Legal Centres, Women & Girls' and Rape-Crisis Centres. Michela has comprehensive knowledge and experience of the psychological, legal, linguistic and practical aspects of consent, duty of care and referrals, and is uniquely qualified in the intimate, professional, gendered and multicultural spaces.

Michela is also an internationally award-winning stage and screen actor, dancer and singer, having graduated from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York (2000), and worked professionally in the industry for over two decades. Michela made her professional debut as a soloist in The Houston Grand Opera's internationally staged and televised production of Street Scene (1994), and last year was an official candidate for Best Supporting Actress at the AACTAs (Australian Academy Awards) for the feature film Birthday Adjustment Disorder (2018). Michela has provided professional on-set/on-stage support as a choreographer, director, assistant director, producer, production assistant, and pre-production support as a casting director, script editor and writer.

Michela served for a year on the core committee of the Women in Theatre & Screen (WITS) Australia, and is a current member of IDI (Intimacy Directors International), WIFT (Women in Film & Television) Australia, MEAA (Actors' Equity), AWG (Australian Writers' Guild), and ASPAH (Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare).

Personal Background

Michela is the daughter of an Australian ballerina and a Panamanian-American Military Intelligence Officer. She identifies as a female, mixed race (Latina-Native American & European), dual national (Australian & American) and multi-local (Sydney, New York, Heidelberg). She is fluent or conversational in six languages, happily married and the mother of two young boys.

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